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Thank You Hamper

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This simple hamper will suit any occasion.


This delicious hamper consists of:

After Dark Coffee - There is an intense flavour of caramel and hints of red berries, with a long, smooth finish. The taste is caramelized with hints of pitted fruits. The coffee is dark roasted for an intense taste. The flavor is rich and robust. Coffee beans are sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Panama New Guinea. Intensive red berries caramel a flavour with notes of caramel and hints of red berries for an extraordinarily long smooth finish. Flavor with notes of caramel and hints of red berries with an exceptionally long smooth finish.
Valley Produce Company is well known for making the very best quality shortbread made using the freshest and finest all-natural and all Australian inredients

These Australian roasted almonds from Adora are covered in 53.8% dark Belgian chocolate. They are just delicious.

The delicious cordial by Maggie Beer is made with raspberries and pomegranates for a perfect balance between sweet and tangy. Make a refreshing drink with it, blend it into a cocktail or drizzle it over your favorite dessert.

The Precision Stove Top Perculator - Moka Pot - When you just need a personal coffee, handcrafted by yourself for one or two. Enjoy. In just minutes, the precision stove top perculator moka express stove top espresso maker makes rich, authentic Italian coffee. The aluminium pot features a unique design for optimal performance, allowing it to spread heat evenly around the pot for an enhanced sense of aroma. With the Moka Express stovetop Perculator , you can make authentic Italian coffee in a matter of minutes.

Falwasser Natural Crispbread is the cracker of choice for entertainers. It complements cheese platters perfectly. This versatile Wafer Thin Crispbread is ideal for cheese lovers. It complements a wide range of cheeses and condiments perfectly.

Sydney Road Coffee is a Lightly liquored with caramel overtones and chocolate notes. A full, resonant body enveloped in a rich, endearing tone of floral fragrance. Sydney Road is a sweet, aromatic scent that speaks for itself. It has an exceptionally long finish. A sweet, aromatic, perfectly balanced coffee that exhibits caramel overtones and chocolate nuances.

Falwasser Rosemary & Sea Salt Gluten Free Wafer Thin Crispbreads are versatile and flavoursome, complementing a wide range of cheeses and condiments. With a perfect balance between rosemary & sea salt, this crispbread will complement your favorite toppings & garnishes.

There's something wonderfully warm and rich about this tomato chutney with a hint of rosemary and a touch of shiraz. This chutney pairs well with all cold meats, can be added to any sandwich, and can be used to enhance any mature cheddar. It is a delightful addition to any meal.

Adora signature blend: 33.6% milk Belgian chocolate infused with Australian raspberry and rose petal. We would suggest that the milk of choice be boiled with the hot chocolate blend to allow infusion and then sieved before serving to help create a smooth mouth feel.

Kangaroo Island Honey Coated Popcorn - is home to the only pure strain of Ligurian Bees in the world, Kangaroo Island’s pristine environment is the perfect sanctuary for them to make their famous honey. Harvested from Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctury, this pure single origin Liqurian honey comes from disease free bees making it one of the best in the world.

This Raspberry & Pomegranate Jam preserve is made from ripe, seasonal fruit. The preserve can be spread generously on toast, warm scones, crumpets, or used as a glaze for cakes. Made with hand-selected raspberries, so the true fruit taste comes through. Just Delicious.

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